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Lets start something BEAUTIFUL!

Isn't it time to launch your career, YOUR way? You have something AMAZING to contribute to the world. Let us show you how


Spark Your Career With US

Choosing your vocation for the first time or even changing can sometimes be overwhelming. Let us show you how it can be an adventure full of curiosity, joy and surprise. Launch your future and experience the happiness that an Extraordinary Vocational Adventure (EVA) can be.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.” - Maya Angelou

Welcome To EVA spark


Our process is not rocket science (Get It?) In a few simple steps learn how you can "lift off" on an Extraordinary Vocational Adventure.


You might be looking for your first career or you next one. Lets us help you find it through our great learning tools.

"Choose your own path"


Wanting to really ignite your capabilities and get your career to really take off? We can help with some expert coaching. Contact us today for more information.


Want Some Inspiration

We have some short courses to assist you with identifying your talents and help you craft your career journey.

The Adventure Starts Here

We believe that choosing a job or starting your next career doesn't need to be mundane or stressful. Our process is designed to ignite your passion, help you to focus on what matters and generate the actions that will launch your first career or the next one.

Start the journey today with our IGNITE playbook.

Enjoy A Regular Dose of EVA spark

Join our Tribe for a regular dose of EVA and stay on track with creating an extraordinary life. Enjoy extra worksheets, brilliant podcasts, curious conversations and extraordinary adventures. Join the amazing network of people doing super things with their career and lives.

Fellow Vocational Adventure Enthusiasts

"Let EVA ignite your life. Coaching has altered my life and helped me to contribute in a way that matters."


"My life has shifted in extraordinary ways. With the help of EVA spark anything is possible."


"For many years coaching and support from these amazing women has seen me advance my career."


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