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Our Journey

Who We Are

We started our journey as two young adventurous women. We have taken on the world and lived extraordinary lives. With a passion for learning we have both reinvented our careers a multitude of times. Now we want to share our process with you on how to craft your career and live and EXTRAORDINARY VOCATIONAL ADVENTURE. Don't get stuck in a boring job. Ignite your life today!

You are unique and your contribution in the world is different to anyone else. 

Be the change you wish to see...Be YOU!


Is a Graphic Narrator and thought partner, helping people around the world to share their ideas and stories. Nickiy loves facilitating, collaborating and innovating by transforming complex issues and discussions into compelling images and sketches. Nickiy began her journey in engineering, finance and management spanning across the globe from Europe to Australia and finally found a role that is flexible, creative and aligned with her values. 

Nickiy is committed to unleashing the innate creativity that we all possess through curiousity and purposeful play.

Nickiy EVA


"I believe we can all live a full, self expressed life with a little creativity and a sense of adventure" 

Nickiy, Creative Director, EVA spark

Kylie EVA



Kylie is deeply committed to empowering people through learning and development. Kylie has reinvented her career over 5 times spanning 25 years. With multiple degrees, worldwide adventures and senior leadership roles under her belt she is now hoping to share her process with others. Kylie has a deep love for a vast array of hobbies and is constantly looking for ways to contribute in her local community and be a socially responsible citizen.

"Find your unique talent and through your contribution to the world you will make it better for us all" 

Kylie, Talent Director, EVA spark

Why People Choose Us

We are not experts trying to tell you what to do. Our process isn't built from a bunch of outdated theory and advice from manuals and textbooks, it is from real people with real careers making a real difference in the world. Whilst we love learning we know that not everyone is suited to structured learning and traditional role pathways. We are two people who through experience and experimentation have built our careers over a number of years and reinvented ourselves in different ways, various countries and through many ups and downs that we would love to share with you. Join us on the journey to discover your own inner talents and potential to be anything. Create your own extraordinary vocational adventure (EVA) today. 

Your life, your way

We help you to find your true talents and choose where you want to focus so that you can build an extraordinary career and life aligned to your values and desired contribution. 

Discovering you

Know who you want to be. Understand yourself and what you truly enjoy doing each day. Learn what you are committed to creating and the many possibilities in work and life that will help you achieve it.

Your choice

Make the commitment to be who you want to be. Explore the choices available and be empowered to make the authentic choice.

Empowering you

There is no-one who is more you than you and you have a unique and powerful contribution to make to the world. Let us help you find it.

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