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“The greatest power a person possesses is the power to choose.”

J. Martin Khoe

The Playbook Extras

When you purchase the Ignite Eva spark Playbook you will also have access to some extra activities and support. To access please use the button below and your password contained in the Playbook. 


Breathe and Play

We believe when making big decisions it is important to take some time out to 'Ponder Wander'

In fact don't just take our word for it you can read more about why it works here

In the meantime we highly recommend trying out one of our favourite pastimes...drawing Mandala's which is fun, creative and a great way to be inspired to learn or leap into a new exciting and extraordinary career!

You can download our SUPER COOL Mandala drawing page below...YAY!

If you have not drawn a Madala before or just need some inspiration on how to start and some groovy patterns then you can watch the AMAZING video of our very own Nickiy drawing her Mandala here.

Playbook on Social Media

Find out more about how the IGNITE Playbook is working for people around the world TODAY.

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