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Our Process


Hey You

Thanks for wanting to learn more about our process. We believe in the 4 C's


Our process is about understanding how to implement these four powerful words to find your talents and succeed in your chosen vocation. The BIG C that rules them all is CHOICE...that is right it is all about you learning the power of CHOOSING for yourself through our IDEAS process inside and out. What is our IDEAS process you say? Check out the overview of the process below...this is how we help you to create a map for your own vocational adventure!

All extraordinary vocational adventures need a map.

Let us help you ​create your map and find your extraordinary vocational adventure today. 

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" ~ Helen Keller

Our Products

Self Guided Book 

Well it's a self guided workbook to help you choose your Extraordinary Vocational Adventure. It's not really a workbook though it is an amazing and magical map that helps guide you through our IDEAS process. We call it the "IGNITE PLAYBOOK", have fun discovering your talents and linking them to the role of your dreams today.

We can't wait to see your map and where it takes you.

Our IGNITE Playbook will be released in November in all good bookstores online.

Tribe Membership

We are really excited that you're wanting to create an amazing life and find an Extraordinary Vocation that suits you. To help you stay committed to this process we are going to be adventuring around the world to share with you all the vocations and the ways that people have achieved them. Join our tribe to get monthly updates, tools and adventures.

You can also keep up to date with us on Social Media.

Online Programs

Do you not enjoy reading? Don't worry we totally understand and so we have designed a super duper course that you can work through with videos, conversations and exercises to make the EVA process fun and engaging. Join us to day and find a Vocation that gives you an EXTRAORDINARY life!

We will be adding more courses to assist with you through our whole IDEAS process.


Contact Us

Drop by our Social Media pages or email us

We are interested in sharing with you the Extraordinary Vocational Adventures of people we have met around the globe an would love to hear about your own adventures. Has our Playbook and Online Playground aided you in finding your own EVA? Let us know so we can happ​y dance with you.

EVA spark - Ignite your life
OR check out our social media links below on 

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For more information check out our FAQ's page

If you have any further questions we will answer them on our FAQ's page or you are welcome to contact us via email from our Contact US page

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